AB PANEVĖŽIO ENERGIJA has emerged from Panevėžys district boiler houses and heating networks management company, founded in 1963. Considering the growing demand for heating services, company has constantly developed its production capacities.

After the reorganisation of Lithuanian heating economy in 1997, its companies were resolved into separate independent regional entities.

Hence today AB PANEVĖŽIO ENERGIJA is a regional heating and electric power production and supply company. Zone of its activity covers Panevėžys, Kėdainiai, Rokiškis, Zarasai, Kupiškis, Pasvalys towns and districts. Company supplies heat and electric power to residents, organisations and production companies.

Municipalities of the above-mentioned towns and districts as well as private persons own shares of the company. The major shareholder is Panevėžys town municipality.

Thanks to the efforts of AB PANEVĖŽIO ENERGIJA employees and heat consumers, region covered by company activities has an advanced centralised heat supply system, which ensures favourable conditions for the residents and capacitates high-tech development.

The region covered by AB PANEVĖŽIO ENERGIJA has 36 boiler-houses with installed 16 steam and 94 water-heating boilers. Their total capacity amounts to 529,5 MW. The total length of heating network connected to company boiler-houses is 344 km.

AB PANEVĖŽIO ENERGIJA not only produces heat, but also provides possibilities to utilize heat that is being relieved during the production processes in different companies. For example, heat from the production processes of AB LIFOSA is being used for the heating of Kėdainiai town, and heat accumulated during technological processes in AB PANEVĖŽIO STIKLAS is being used for the heating of Panevėžys town. This alternative way of heat utilization allows AB PANEVĖŽIO ENERGIJA to reduce fuel expenditure for heat production, lower pollution level and ease the burden of environmental taxes.

The company provides heat for nearly 50 thousand users. Residents make the biggest group of heat users (48 thousand). Total residential area heated by AB PANEVĖŽIO ENERGIJA equals to 3.044 thousand square metres.

Long term professional experience, active participation in the activities of Lithuanian District Heating Association, successful development of economic and technical cooperation with foreign partners enables the company to produce heat to the best of its efficiency.

Investment in modernisation

Professional staff of AB PANEVĖŽIO ENERGIJA effectively operates and maintains heating economy, its services delivery process is marked by success and quality.

Company boiler-houses are constantly reconstructed, fuel in use is changed into a lower-prised one, larger amounts of local biofuel are used in order to minimize environmental harm and reduce fuel expenditure.

Modernisation of boiler-houses by the automation of their supervision relieves company staff from excess duties, enhances reliability of the boilers and raises coefficient of their efficiency.
Successful maintenance of steam turbines while using combined heat and electric power production cycle allows to reduce the expenses of heat production, transmission and sales.

And the use of advanced technologies in automated chemical and mechanical water purification allows to reduce water, electricity and heating expenditures and lowers the amounts of wastewater.

Now the strategic plan of Panevėžys town heating network development is being successfully implemented. This plan includes forecast of heat supply perspectives for the period of 20 years.
Residents are modernising the heating stations of residential houses, open hot water supply system is being changed to a closed one.

In June 2008  PANEVĖŽIO ENERGIJA  AB successfully finished to build a  combined heat and power plant in Panevėžys which  produces heat and supplies town inhabitants with electric power.

The construction of the new Thermal Power Plant was supported by the  Respublic of Lithuania, it was partially financed by the European Union itself, and up to LTL 20 million was allocated from the structural funds of the  European Union. The  Danish Goverment provided financial assistance to Lithuania by supporting the decommissioning of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant and the restructuring of the energy sector of the Lithuania. Denmark allocated LTL 12 million to the execution of the project. The remaining funds were raised  by Panevėžio energija AB itself.   

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