Panevėžio energija AB

Since 1963 successfully operating Panevėžio energija AB is one of the largest energy companies in Lithuania. The company operates the heating facilities of Panevėžys, Kėdainiai, Rokiškis, Zarasai, Kupiškis and Pasvalys towns and their districts, supplying heat ant hot water to residents in this area and electricity to the national electric power grid. Municipalities of the above-mentioned towns and districts as well as private persons own shares of the company. The major shareholder is Panevėžys town municipality. More than five hundred employees work at Panevėžio energija AB. The company’s annual turnover is about forty million euros.
The region serviced by Panevėžio energija AB has 40 boiler houses with 14 steam and 102 hot water boilers with 9 condensing economizers installed. The capacity of the boilers totals 546 MW. Approx. 800 thousand MWh of heat energy is supplied to the networks every year: 91 percent in the form of co-generation water and 9 percent in the form of steam. The overall length of the pipelines for the supply of the heat energy from the heat sources to costumers is 268 km. The company provides heat for 61 thousand customers, with residents accounting for the largest part of the customer base.
Every year the company invests millions euros in the modernization of the company’s heat sours and networks, connection of new consumer, renovation of the consumer’s heat systems, and repairs of installations.
Boiler houses of the company undergo rehabilitation, with cheaper types of the fuel including local biofuel being increasingly used. This contributes to the protection of the environment and helps the company to cut its fuel costs.
Modernization of the boiler houses by installing the new boilers increases the reliability and efficiency of operations.
The company has cut its heat generation, transmission and sales costs by successful operation of the steam turbines installed in 2001 for the cogeneration of heat and electricity. The Panevėžys co-generation plant commissioned in 2008 provides another powerful and cost-effective sourse of energy.  The annual capacity of gas-fuelled, 35 MW co-generation plant is about 230 GWh of heat and about 220 GWh of electricity.
Due to joint efforts of heatt suppliers and customers, the towns serviced by Panevėžio energija AB have well-developed heat supply systems which create comfort for residents, protect the environment, and enable the development of state-of-the-art technologies. We are prepared to continue to provide the inexpensive and reliable services of high quality to our consumers.


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